In an effort to continue to provide a high quality of healthcare for all patients in the North Country, the hospitals of Coos County came together in 2008 to explore collaboration. We, the boards and senior management of Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital and Weeks Medical Center realize that significant national, state and local economic pressures are jeopardizing local access, quality and sustainability. We have therefore formed the non-profit Northern New Hampshire Healthcare Collaborative (NNHHC) with the stated objective of working collaboratively to better serve the healthcare needs of North Country patients. This collaborative effort will work to:

  1. Ensure access to quality care within the communities in which our patients live
  2. Provide local and high quality care with positive outcomes to our patients in Coos County
  3. Control the cost of care by through innovative programs and the use of shared resources

National healthcare reform demands lower costs and higher quality from all hospitals, requiring collaboration in patient care across all providers: from primary care to specialist, from ambulance to hospital, from hospital to rehabilitation to home care, from local hospital to tertiary (specialty hospital) care. Therefore, Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital and Weeks Medical Center have formed this joint venture to identify and implement sustainable opportunities for our future. The NNHHC and its member hospitals are prepared to manage costs and coordinate care in a way that is financially sustainable, while continuing to provide local access to quality care throughout the county and beyond. The hospitals of Coos County must work together as critical parts of our Coos County care, economy and community.

Mark Kelley, AVH Board Chairman, Winston Young, UCVH Board Chairman, Scott Burns, WMC Board Chairman